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Learn how Workforce Insight empowers UKG Pro clients as they adapt to the new normal

Thursday, April 22 | 12:00-12:15 pm EST

Join Workforce Insight’s Jeremy Ames, VP HCM, and his team of HCM and UKG Pro experts for this 15-minute session. We’ll share 7 important ways in which Workforce Insight can help you best leverage UKG Pro to help your organization return to the new normal—regardless of where you are on your HCM journey.

UKG has empowered clients to achieve their HCM goals through the UKG Pro tool, enabling them to address the entire employee lifecycle with the solution’s added benefit of robust workforce management capabilities. Workforce Insight’s UKG Pro team can help organizations utilizing UKG Pro choose the best path forward from current state, helping accelerate optimal outcomes in adjusting to current work environment demands and expectations.

Attendees can expect to gain:

  • Valuable strategies for resuming strategic initiatives and achieving a successful HCM journey using UKG Pro
  • Ways to facilitate and accelerate your HCM journey from concept to execution
  • How to avoid disruption to your organization’s current work setting
  • How to adapt to changes from the pre-pandemic work environment while maintaining results gained from improvements
Join us for this turbo-charged session to help accelerate your company’s journey to ongoing success.

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Jeremy Ames

VP HCM (Pro), Workforce Insight
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